Piano Lessons and Tuition in Cornwall
Piano Lessons in Cornwall

Welcome to Greta's Piano Lessons & Tuition...

There are many good reasons to play the piano. Firstly it is a beautiful instrument with a full-bodied sound that can be played alone or as a group instrument.

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Playing the piano develops a high level of manual dexterity, and research has shown that children who learn the piano do far better in school than their peers, with improvements shown not only in their artistic and musical ability but also in their language and mathematical skills.

Playing a musical instrument is very healthy and therapeutic for adults too. Playing the piano can act as a great stress reliever and whatever your mood the piano can give you the chance to express your true feelings.

Learning to play...

Piano Lessons are adapted to the needs of the student so whether you wish to take the ABRSM exam grades or play simply for pleasure, I provide a teaching plan to suit all abilities and requirements.

The old adage 'Practice makes perfect' rings very true with learning to play an instrument. Even just 10 minutes practice each day will reap rewards and you will find that your playing will only improve with regular practice.

Children can be helped to do this if their parent/guardian also gets involved at piano time - even if it is simply being a listening and encouraging ear.


I teach grades 1-5 using the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exam syllabus.

My pass rate has been 100% with many students receiving merit or distinction in their grades. Teaching grades involves a mixture of scales, exam pieces, sight reading, aural work, music theory and lots of practice!

Playing for pleasure...

If you want to learn to play the piano for pleasure I can provide a fun 'pressure free' itinerary based around music that you enjoy from classical to modern.

Maybe you already play the piano but would like to brush up your skills or just need a partner to play duets with. Playing alongside a duet partner is a great way of improving your piano skills and lots of fun too.


Piano Lessons can be booked as follows:

  • Six half hour sessions (suitable for younger children) - £66
  • Six hour sessions (suitable for older children and adults) - £120

Piano tuition is provided during each school term of approximately twelve weeks although piano lessons can be arranged throughout school holidays if required.

All about me...

I have been teaching piano for over 15 years to both children and adults. I am a qualified primary teacher (PGCE) and enjoy teaching piano to children from 7 years upwards. I also give piano tuition to more mature students, even octogenarians - you can enjoy learning to play the piano at any age!

On a personal note, I learnt to play the piano as a child but I did not take any grades until the grand age of 38 and obtained my Grade 8 in my forties. My experience as a primary school teacher and as an adult learner gives me a fundamental understanding of the teaching process necessary for both adults and children alike.

How to find me...
Grampound Road is in mid-Cornwall
and my premises are situated opposite
the bus stop in the centre of the village.

Did you know?

Piano lessons can advance neuroplasticity (the brain’s capacity to generate new neural cells and pathways), improve memory, alleviate stress and is therefore a wonderful way to get your brain working whether you are seven or seventy years of age!